Hi - I'm Jen - a lover of food, cocktails and the outdoors.  I am a registered dietitian, because having a career where i get to talk about food all day is my dream job!

Thyme and Happiness is about my journey of becoming as healthy as I can be, truly enjoying food and the experience of making and (of course) eating it.  For me, food and happiness go together because good food brings me joy - I love the act of creating something and learning how delicious healthy food can be.  We need to eat three times a day (at least!), so we might as well put a little effort into making it delicious and nourishing.

As you will see, I am a mostly vegetarian cook and eater.  There are a number of reasons, both personal and environmental for this.  But, ultimately, my cooking and eating is centered around great taste, the flavors I love, and experiencing something new.  I share my joy of cooking and eating with my amazing husband Mark and our crazy dog, Dude, who helps out by lining up ALL of his toys at my feet while I am at the stove.

All photos on this site were taken by Jennifer or Mark Sabo, unless otherwise noted.